Friday, 14 March 2008


People often complain about litter. Quite right too. Litter is an eyesore and brings down the amenity of an area. Myself and another councillor have been campaigning on it for a while. Early this week, we were able to take a bit of action and the culprit got a police warning:

Councillors Report Littering to Police

Arbroath Councillors Jim Millar and David Fairweather have lodged a complaint with Tayside Police after witnessing the same individual, who they believe to be a senior employee of Arbroath Sheriff Court, dropping a cigarette butt on the ground outside the court twice within thirty minutes.

Cllr Millar said "Since we were elected in May, we have campaigned constantly to have action taken against those who thoughtlessly indulge themselves in the kind of low level anti social behaviour such as litter dropping and failing to clean up dog mess, that brings down the amenity of the area for locals and visitors alike. I have previously voiced concern about the area in front of the court, and on Tuesday, David and I were widely quoted in the press stating that we will be pushing for fixed penalty notices to be issued against those who drop litter and gum."

Cllr Fairweather said "The irony is that to get to the kerb to discard his cigarette butts, this individual went past three separate bins, one of which is specifically designed for disposing of cigarettes. Since the introduction of the smoking ban, there have been several instances of premises flooding because the drains were blocked by cigarette ends with the result that this costs local businesses and the council money."

Mr Millar added "We hope that appropriate action will be taken in this and every case that is brought to the attention of the police and community wardens. We have introduced new powers for the community wardens to also issue fixed penalty notices for dog fouling and littering, and those powers will be used where appropriate."


HuntereR said...

hahaha doss git, he had to walk PASSED 3 bins to throw it on the ground, he must be one of those professional d***

1st Lady said...

I was following a driver yesterday who threw some rubbish out his window. Makes me mad how people have no respect for the land around them. Good on you for dealing with this issue in your community.

Jim said...

You're right Hunterer, he was walking about with one of those black legal gowns on. (which helpfullly suggested he wasn't the accused!)

Thanks 1stL the response from this locally has been great. Although I was reticent about going to the police, I'm glad I did now.