Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentines Day II (& other stuff)

Well, the two dozen roses I had delivered to girlfriend have been something of a triumph (hurrah) and clearly well worth the cost, which was the equivalent of the GDP of a small (albeit impoverished) country. I have the meeting of the full council tonight which should be the usual bun-fight and I'll drive down to see her tonight duly armed with a couple of bottles of Moet and Chandon.

You just can't predict the length of meetings at all. We had the rent setting meeting on Tuesday which, I was assured, would last "12 minutes if that". We duly trooped in, I gave the pre-prepared speech thanking the tenants for their participation in the process etc and moved the report. It was at this point that it went slightly off plan. We got out an hour later.

Last night was the adjourned meeting of the Licensing Board (this was the last one under the 1976 act and from now on we will be using the new 2005 licensing act) It was a very short agenda and all of us thought it would be over very quickly. Two hours and forty five minutes later we left somewhat shell shocked after one licensee was represented not by a solicitor as is usually the case, but by a local Baron (?) who spoke somewhat at length.

I'm working in Parliament tomorrow, but as I have worked the last two weekends, I'm taking this one off to potter about and catch up on my own stuff.

The Bonsai tree that former fiance gave me for Christmas has finally died. I had been looking after it, prunning it and feeding it etc, but sadly nothing could be done. Its sad really.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

RIP Bonsai tree, but hurrah for the success of your roses, I hope you have a wonderful night tonight, BG

1st Lady said...

No flowers or chocolates for me, are you sure you got my address correct ;) Hope you had a lovely evening, can't believe a meeting was scheduled for the 14th though.

Jim said...

Hi BG, when I saw the roses I was bit surprised they had cost so much!! That said, I guess it was a nice thing to do.

1st Lady, I wasn't sure of the right address so I didn't send them I'm afraid :-) That said, I have a very nice bottle champagne I could save till your next trip to Scotland ;-)

1st Lady said...

Save it! I'll bring the full n creamy Wensleydale (special edition selection with the Wallace and Gromit label).