Thursday, 7 February 2008


Following on from the Long Journey post, I have been back and forward to Edinburgh a couple of times over the past few days and the traffic first thing in the morning is horrendous. Not just getting from Arbroath to Edinburgh, but even from the Edinburgh side of the Forth Road Bridge into town takes ages.

I would be the first person to take the train but for several reasons. First of all, it seems to take half a day to get from Arbroath to Edinburgh. Secondly, the train is often so overcrowded that you often have to stand for most of the journey. Thirdly, the toilets are often in a really, really bad way. Last of all, to travel on this third world style of transport, they charge you a kings bloody ransom! If I'm going to be late, I would be as well being late in the comfort of my car, where at least I get peace and quiet from people who are not tanking themselves up on cheap wine and hurling abuse at one another.

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