Friday, 15 February 2008

More Stuff

The council meeting had a relatively short agenda, and having come to the conclusion earlier that the length of a meeting is in inverse proportion to the length of the agenda, I settled in for a long session. I wasn't dissappointed.

We had a pre-meeting that started at three, followed by the council meeting at four. This started off badly, but actually got better and more concensual towards the end. That said, the end came some three hours and forty minutes later by which time I had lost the will to live..............

Tired and emotional by this point, I jumped in the car and drove down to Edinburgh where girlfriend had made my favourite steak and pepper sauce for dinner. That excellent Blogger Bendygirl had suggested I pour the champagne I had bought into the bath. Instead, I found it equally satisfying to pour it down my neck :-)

The two dozen red roses I had sent her were nice, but the cost was extortionate for what they were to be honest. No doubt I'll do something entirely similar next year.

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