Sunday, 3 February 2008

Long Journey

A big thanks to the complete tube who drove his or her high sided vehicle across the Forth Road Bridge on Thursday in weather conditions that would have made Scott of the Antartic think twice.

Girlfriend lives about 10 mins away from the Forth Rd Bridge and I can normally make it to Arbroath from her place in around 90 minutes (its longer from my place as I'm more central). I had left her house in plenty of time to get to Arbroath for a 9:00am start so I could get a few hours work in before I went to a Licensing Board meeting at 4:00pm.

That said, the above lorry on its side caused the bridge to be closed to northbound traffic, which was diverted via the Kincardine bridge. It was complete chaos and I didnt actually get to Arbroath until almost 2:00pm. The traffic was crawling and there was a 10 mile tailback. I had filled up the tank the night before and most of it was gone by the time I got to Arbroath. On top of that, the work that I should have done on Thursday morning had to be done yesterday. How many thousands of people were inconvenienced and how many hours of productivity were lost due to this one person?

I wouldn't complain but for the fact that the weather conditions were so bad through the night I wondered for the safety of the roof. Given the weather, why did no-one close the bridge to high sided vehicles? Why did the driver risk driving the vehicle across in the first place? Will anyone be held accountable? Probably not...............


1st Lady said...

Oh, Thursday was awful! I wore every winter piece of clothing I owned and headed off to Glasgow, the wind didn't seem quite as bad there actually.

Jim said...

I was amazed how cold it was in Edinburgh and Arbroath. Mind you, I quite like the winter.