Friday, 15 February 2008

Funny Ninja

I keep meaning to get right back into martial arts. I have been getting increasingly unfit since I stopped, as well becoming a bit more irritable too!

Martial arts have become increasingly popular and I really enjoy it. In the 20 years I have had an interest in them since I came out of the army, I have seen some weird and wonderful styles emerge, often 'invented' by people with more interest in money or prestige than anything else, and this youtube video is perhaps closer to some of those with self appointed titles such as Master, Sensei or Sifu etc than you might believe. Most don't last very long, although some do survive within a very restricted sphere.

I am starting training afresh with my old friend and Instructor Mark Davies. He has been involved in Martial Arts for almost thirty years now and has travelled the world learning more about them.

I can't recommend him highly enough if you ever want to take up something like this. You can find his website at

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