Tuesday, 22 January 2008


The local theatre has been refurbished at a cost of nearly £5m and it reopened on Saturday night. It's a theatre that has had a lot of use from local organisations, but it was getting so delapidated that it needed £800,000 spent on it just to bring it up to acceptable health and safety (I'm getting fed up of that term) standards.

Eventually, it was totally refurbished, and the Scottish National Orchestra provided a concert. It was a fantastic night and I loved it. A fellow councillor couldn't make it and kindly gave my her two tickets, so my parents came too.

I took girlfriend and she enjoyed it too. It was nice to be able to introduce her to my colleagues for the first time.

I had to give the vote of thanks and for some reason was extremely nervous, but got through it ok.

Apart from that, it has been any number of meetings from budget setting sessions to meeting with constituents. Local Govt really is not as good as I'd hoped......................


oral said...

I cant beleive it...you nervous about speaking!

Jim said...

You have no idea! I'm like a rabbit caught in the headlights sometimes.