Tuesday, 29 January 2008


I took girlfriend to the pictures at the end of last week to see 'I am Legend'. Its well crafted film, but very bleak and although I often watch the same film two or three times, this is one I won't be watching again.

Its taken me a while, but I just finished a book that girlfriend gave me for Christmas. It is a collection of experiences by ordinary Japanese during WWII. It is brutal at some points and at other points its heartbreaking to read. It has given me a completely new insight into Japan's role in the war and what it hoped to achieve, but it seems that many of them knew that it was a doomed effort from the start. I have always wanted to visit Japan and I'm fascinated by its history, I am trying to persuade girlfriend to go on holiday there, but as she lived and taught in Japan for four years she isnt too keen just yet.

I had a pretty relaxed weekend in Edinburgh and generally pottered about. I wasn't meeting anyone or going out at night so for once I didn't bother shaving, something I have been doing scrupulously every day since I shaved my beard off last year after some 'encouragement' from former fiance. I was surprised how grey the stubble had become in a relatively short time. Girlfriend had told me that I had been getting a bit weatherbeaten from juggling the two jobs and trying to have a life too, but looking at an earlier photo of said beard and comparing it the weekends efforts, I think she's right:

The washing machine in the flat which I hadn't managed to get working since I moved in (much to the annoyance of my parents etc when I would turn up with a load of washing is now in use. I got in touch with management company and said it had never worked. They had got in touch with owner who informed them "does the tenant know that the door must be closed gently and then the machine needs to be given a "gentle tap" below the locking mechanism? How on earth was I supposed to know that? Ironically, I had been closing the door, but my "gentle tap" was more like a swift and rather brutal punch/kick which would then develop into a series of punches/kicks, none of which ever worked.

Strangely, the machine now works, but its pretty crap all the same and particularly noisy.


C. Menn said...

Ah..... man and machine working in perfect harmony!

At least your making an effort to use the washer, one man I know doesn't even know we have one..there is confusion too over how the vacum cleaner, iron, dishwasher and cooker work.

1st Lady said...

Well dang. If I'd known you were in Edinburgh having a quiet weekend I would have invited you out to buy me a drink ;) I really didn't get to a computer much when I was back in EDI and so my great plan to have a blog meet didn't quite come together. Next time.. next time..

Jim said...

Well I'm sorry I missed you and I'll look forward to the blog meet and a drink next time you're around :-)

1st Lady said...

I just found a good place in Edinburgh for margaritas ;)

Jim said...

Excellent, count me in if you are going back!