Tuesday, 8 January 2008


My old and (quite literally) battered Volvo has finally completely died. It had been deteriorating for quite a while, but it had got a lot worse with the amount of mileage I'm doing (often going from Arbroath to Edinburgh and back two or three times a week and going from Arbroath to Forfar and back at least three times a week too).

So I have bitten the bullet and bought this:

Its a 3 door Nissan Almera. I'd be the first to admit its not the most exciting vehicle on the go, but it will be economical. Although its a '55' plate, it has only done 6,000 miles and is in really good condition. Girlfriend likes it and I have to say that driving it is a big improvement on the last one.


1st Lady said...

Congratulations on the new Nissan! Rather a nice colour too. I'll look out for it on Princes St. I presume it's a manual? I only drive automatics now, partially due to a Starbucks addiction..

Costa Quine said...

Hopefully it will have a fully retractable cup holder.

Jim said...

1st Lady- thanks, its' a fairly unimaginative car, but does the job. Yes, its a manual and taking a bit of getting used to after the automatic.

Costa Quine, it does indeed have a fully retractable cup holder, and it is this feature that most impresses Girlfriend!