Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Andy Nicol Comment

Following the earlier post about Andy, and 'Pen is Mightier's' comment, she e-mailed the Sun article she was referring to. Essentially, Boss and I, along with a few colleagues were in The Tun having a drink when a guy came, clearly either a) under the influence of alcohol or b) had been indulging in the miracles of modern chemistry. It quickly became apparent that he was armed with a not unsubstantial kitchen knife which he wasnt shy about showing off. Having got quite stroppy, he then left. Emboldened by the fact that I had done a knife instructors course only the weekend before, Boss and I gave chase. To cut a long story short the knife was retrieved and the guy was arrested. It turns out the chap was, how shall I put it, no stranger to the police and bearing this previous activity in mind, the judiciary sentenced him to.................160 hours community service. So much for tackling the booze and blade culture eh?

Anyway, the story was written up true 'Sun' style as you can see:

We laugh about it now, but it could all have ended up so differently..................

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