Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Boxing Club

Monday night I was at a meeting of the Arbroath Abbey World Heritage Campaign meeting which my boss had launched some time ago and then handed over to a non political committee. Things are moving slowly but surely with it and its a worthwhile project.

Last night I went along to the boxing club last night to see how things were going. Its a club that's been going for decades and it was great to see a range of ages taking part. I know some people are disparaging about the sport, but I'm a big fan. The bout this weekend promises to be a cracker, and although coverage starts at 3am, I'm tempted to get up early to watch.

Spent the day in Parliament today (I was late thanks to a signal failure) but got here anyway. Had a couple of beers with the boss and some colleagues and I'm just about to meet girlfriend at the Christmas market. Had a fair amount of constituency casework to do recently, mostly on housing and anti social behaviour.


Bosses wife said... thats where he is...

Odessa said...

Thanks for writing this.