Monday, 19 November 2007


What a sickener the Scotland game was! The guys played brilliantly and it was a real shame they lost.

We went out walking in the Rosslyn area on Sunday to get some fresh air. We stopped off at Ikea on the way back as I had intended to get a new blind for the living room. I quickly realised I didnt' have the window dimensions with me and so instead of a blind I ended up with a lamp, some bulbs, two 'ergonomic pillows', soap (?) and some new wine and beer glasses. All in all it cost me just over £50 and I went in with the intention of spending £15 on a blind...........

Dropped in to a nice restaurant for something to eat and the food was great. Only fly in the ointment was some tube on the next level down recounting the story of some event of the previous week and every second word was "like". We only got one side of the conversation, but a short excerpt went along the lines of "and it was like, mental man, like we were out and like f**k man, like...................". God it was irritating.

Group meeting tonight in Forfar and then I'm going straight down to Edinburgh to work in Parliament tomorrow. I have invited a few colleagues round for a drink on the 28th. Girlfriend is offering to make chile for the event and I'm looking forward to it.

Neighbourhood Services committee is on this week and we will see if it turns into another punch and judy match.


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nae bad cheuchter, fit like yersel?