Friday, 30 November 2007

St Andrew's Day

Happy St Andrew's Day! For once the Council and the Parliament are both off at the same time. This means I get the same day off from both jobs, hence I'm blogging from my living room and listening to crap music.

I had Boss, Boss's wife and a few colleagues round for a drink on Wednesday night. I took advantage of an offer at Sainsbury's and bought 60 bottles of Stella for £20. Unfortunately, pretty much everyone drank wine and I now have a fridge packed with bottles of Stella, with only enough room for a pint of milk. Girlfriend made Chile for the event and it went down very well. I enjoyed the banter.

I was amused to see the SNP are voting on whether or not to work with us Tories on a local govt level. I think I have inferred before that I have struggled to comprehend the difference between attitudes at Holyrood and the Cooncil. At Holyrood its not unusual to join staff or MSP's from other parties in the canteen at lunchtime, go out for a drink after work and generally enjoy the company. At the cooncil, at times I get the impression the opposition would happily burn me at the stake whilst fuelling the flames with pictures of Thatcher. Although to be fair, things have improved lately.

I was interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland last night as Angus Council has bought an original scale model of the Bell Rock Lighthouse at Sotheby's. The lighthouse, built by the famous Stevenson family is a triumph of engineering and has been standing for almost 200 years and personally, I'd like to see more made of our link with a family who have influenced engineering all over the world. Have to say I was horrifically nervous beforehand. It was my first time in a radio studio and I was in Edinburgh whilst the guy doing the interview was in Glasgow. It was a weird experience I have to say.


Bill said...

Hi Jim

I was interested, as the son of a lighthouse-keeper, to hear about the Bell Rock light. Although I've never made a particular study of lighthouses I have been absorbing snippets about the Stevenson family more or less all my life as several of the places my father worked (he is long-since dead unfortunately) were built by members of that dynasty. I used to enjoy, when we lived in Edinburgh when I was a young child, our occasional visits out to Inchkieth for days trips on a pilot vessel to visit him whilst he was out there.

Jim said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your comment. I have always been fascinated by the Bell Rock. I recently read "The Lighthouse Stevensons" by Bella Bathurst (I think) which fuelled my interest even more as it told the story of the their ingenuity and extraordinary hard work in the face of adversity.

Its a fairly short but accessible read.