Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Poppy Day/Dogs/Stuff

I attended the Arbroath War Memorial for the wreath laying ceremony on Sunday. It was a moving ceremony, with the minister giving an excellent sermon. It was cold though, but at least it didn't rain which was something. Arbroath has a strong contingent of ex servicemen and women, including those who were based here and chose to stay as well as those, like myself, who are from Arbroath and came back again when they finished their service.

It was great to see so many cadets from all the different cadet forces. I had no idea that so many young people still joined the cadet forces as there are so many other organisations around these days. Some people are critical of cadet forces, but they promote good citizenship and teach useful life skills too.

Full council went well and the Alliance members were winning the arguments as well as the votes. It was good to be part of it.

I had a lengthy meeting about a proposed arts centre which was interesting and certainly worth pursuing.

A friend of mine phoned me the other day and sounded a bit shaken. He is, lets say, slightly built and has two large and enthusiastic boxer dogs. He started with one, but as it was so exuberant he was advised to get another to calm the first one down. The result is he has two very exuberant, very large, boxers.

He had been walking the two of them in the park using those extendable leads that are so popular and although the dogs were excited, they were well behaved until they saw an elderly gent with his dog. With the leads at their full extent, the first dog made directly for the gent, but the second had circled my friend before following suit. As the lead ran out of length, it tightened round my friends legs and although he tried his best to stay upright, the weight and momentum of the two boxers pulled him over and dragged him several feet across the grass. The elderly gent came over to assist and in a bizarre twist of fate, the two boxers repeated their trick and the poor chap also ended up on his backside. It is ironic that the gent turned out to be a retired vet who was going to show my friend how to control his dogs whilst using the new leads.

There was no harm done in the end (except to my friends pride) and I couldn't help but laugh at his discomfort.

Last night I also chaired a meeting of the Arbroath Abbey World Heritage Campaign which went on until nearly 9pm. Its a worthwhile cause though and worth the time we are putting into it.

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