Wednesday, 7 November 2007


I came down to Edinburgh last night and I'm in Parliament all day today. I'll stay over in Edinburgh tonight again and drive up to Arbroath first thing in the morning. Its full council tomorrow, so we will see what that brings.

With Rememberance Sunday this weekend, I'll be attending the wreath laying ceremony at the local war memorial. I thought the launch of the poppy appeal this year was particularly effective. It featured a young corporal who had been blinded by a rocket attack, a soldiers widow and young daughter, as well as a WWII veteran. Whatever people's thoughts or opinions are of the various conflicts that the UK is involved in throughout the world, the poppy appeal is just as relevant today, as it was at its foundation and our troops deserve our support. I still keep up with events in my old regiment (5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards), though to be honest I don't particularly miss being in the army (ok, that's something of an understatement).

Sunday afternoon I'm going to visit a site that has potential for a new art gallery. I'm open minded about the project, but have concerns about the location.

I have had my first outbreak of psoriasis for what must be a couple of years now. It has only appeared on one hand so far, but in the past I have had it on my feet also. Its a particularly irritating condition and the skin on one side of an index finger has rubbed raw already. I'm lucky to get it so infrequently though.


Greasy Gail said...

I am sure you know that these conditions can be brought about by stress. I feel you are overdoing it a bit, too much activity in the council chamber (and the bed chamber maybe) smear yourself with olive oil, that should ease the irritation, and may keep your woman off you too!

Jim said...

Thanks for the advice Gail. The olive oil suggestion didn't go down too well though............