Wednesday, 31 October 2007


I have been shooting back and forward to Edinburgh two or even three times a week just now. Its nice to come down for the weekend if I'm not doing anything in Arbroath. I got up early yesterday and went to the martial arts studio and got in some training, something I haven't done for ages, but I felt better afterwards. If I can get long enough in the same place, I'll put together a decent schedule. I miss taking part in organised martial arts classes on several levels, least of all the effect my absence is having on my fitness!

The council meetings I have attended have been pretty good after the fightfest of the neighbourhood services meeting. I don't mind real debate, I enjoy it in fact, but I really cannot be bothered with empty posturing in a local govt debating chamber. When it goes pear shaped, we all look bad and nothing is achieved.

Locally, things are going ok. Its coming to the time when the former adminstration's policies are tapering off and the Alliance is in more of a position to push forward it's own agenda. The Alliance, given it is a coalition of Independents, Labour, Lib-Dem and Tories is actually holding together well. The secret seems to be that we all seem to get on and no-one is pushing any kind of national agenda. We are focussing on delivery using common sense. What is absolutely obvious is that whether you believe in a Scotland within or without the UK, when it comes to the 'cooncil' it really doesnt matter. What does matter to people are things like housing, anti social behaviour and a decent local infrastructure.

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