Friday, 14 September 2007

Still here

Still in Edinburgh, and I have organised cable tv, phone and broadband for my flat. The new (and only pair I have ever owned) hiking boots I bought a couple of weeks ago are being pressed into action on Sunday and we are going walking in the Pentland Hills. Not sure if I'll enjoy this or not, but it will get me out of the flat and into the fresh air. I have avoided hiking/camping type stuff since I left the army, but I'm assured it's not really like that and is more enjoyable (?!). The weather seems to be holding up so that's something at least.

Met Theresa Villiers MP today, she is the Shadow Transport Secretary who was up to meet my boss. She seemed very confident, capable and likeable. Its good to see Westminster and Holyrood politicians that share the same portfolio working together like that.

Local press is full of council and councillor goings on this week and it will no doubt be worse next week after we have had a full council meeting which has some fairly contentious stuff on the agenda. You wouldn't think some of it was contentious, there are those that are giving it the "over my dead body" routine. Which always makes me laugh. Sometimes it seems as though things are settling down and both administration and opposition are getting on with the job in hand, then it all blows up again and rattles get thrown out of the pram.

Sometimes, you just couldn't make it up..........

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