Friday, 21 September 2007


I was supposed to go down to Edinburgh on Wednesday night, but forgot I had been asked to attend a Neighbourhood Watch meeting, so I couldn't go and was therefore somewhat unpopular. I'm glad I went to the meeting though, there were some people there who clearly care about the community and environment we all live in. I was able to put forward some of the policy ideas we have for cutting down on the kind of anti-social behaviour that plagues towns and cities up and down the country.

On Tuesday I met with more licensees. This was the second meeting and it was very positive. We discussed under-age drinking and the state of the trade in general. I mentioned after the first meeting of the Licensing Board that the behaviour of one or two councillors was a nightmare and this was actually brought up by two different people. I said before there was no place for political nonsense when dealing with peoples livelihoods so it is really disappointing when people choose to behave like spoilt bairns when dealing with the public.

The full council meeting I was at last night was pretty acrimonious. I'm surprised that there wasn't blood on the walls by the end of it, but we live to fight another day. Some of the opposition councillors can be very good debaters, but in general it can be something of a slugfest.

The hiking boots which are still in pristine condition through lack of any use at all are to have their first outing this weekend. I can't put it off any longer and we are off to the Pentlands for some hiking. Hopefully there will be a pub somewhere.

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