Monday, 10 September 2007


Had to laugh on friday on Friday when an SNP councillor wrote a lengthy letter about me to the local press stating I invited a Junior Shadow Cabinet Minister (whom he describes as a "London based colleague") up to Arbroath and that I had the nerve to show her round the Arbroath Harbour Visitor Centre, built by SNP former administration and also (heaven forfend) had lunch with her. The letter ended on a note of mild hysteria and a "call" to me to ask if I had invited any politicians from other parties to Arbroath.

Well, the answer to that would be "no", but then I didn't actually meet a Junior Shadow Cabinet Minister, I didn't show her round the visitor centre and strangely I didn't have lunch with her either.

Sometimes I have to wonder what planet some people are on. A Tory MP was certainly around for an hour last week, but at the time, I was in council HQ (16 miles away), publicly signing an anti-social behaviour protocol between the council and local housing authorities. Frankly, I would have expected better from this councillor.

The Scottish Countryside Alliance event at Gosford House was good fun in the end. I was doing the commentary on the PA system. The worst bit was the 'novelty dog show' where I had to announce that the first class of dog was the "prettiest bitch category". As I was reading this out (somewhat to my embarrasment it must be said) some posh bloke caught my eye and was pointing to his wife in such a way that she couldn't see him do it. I didn't laugh.

After that I dropped into former fiances house for tea. She had made spag bol which is one of my favourites. It was good to catch and even better that we remain on good terms. What should have been the wedding day is less than a month away and I find myself dwelling on it sometimes.

New girlfriend is back from what appears to have been a fairly mediocre holiday yesterday and I think she is more exhausted than when she left. I have several council meetings this week, but I'll get to Edinburgh at some point to keep up with what's going on at Parliament and have dinner with her.

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