Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Had a good weekend and went to a local festival which was ok. It had great weather which drew huge crowds. Went up to Stonehaven and had a nice meal with boss and bosses wife, followed by a few drinks. New girlfriend was with me and we both had a great time.

I had struggled to find a B&B up there, so plumped for a hotel which cost us £80 for a double room with breakfast. Nothing to do with the alcohol, but when we tried to get back in at 1:00am, neither of us could get past the security lock thing which had a numbered key pad. Helpfully, there was no light at all, so we were using the illuminated screen of my mobile to try and see by. Eventually we got in and next morning we were literally two minutes late for breakfast and therefore didnt get one...................The room was a bit shabby too.

No wonder tourists complain....................

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Stonie Quine said...

Might be something to do with the quality of the tourists !