Thursday, 2 August 2007

Dinner II

Last week new girlfriend pointed out that the Delia cookbook she gave me was not just for decorative purposes. The comment didnt really register until last night when she phoned and said she was coming round for dinner (cue massive clean up operation in the flat).

I have been looking through the book, but everything seems to have so many bloody ingredients that I have never heard of.

I'm still looking through it now. Former Fiance has advised I make a list of everything I need to preclude the shopping frenzy I endured last time I tried to cook, so I'll give that a go.

Heading to Arbroath first thing tomorrow morning to attend various meetings and stuff. I seem to be getting more and more casework from constituents, which is something that I welcome. People often get a hard time or suffer misfortune through no fault of their own and I'm glad to get the opportunity to help if I can.

Just so long as no-one asks me to bloody cook anything.


Anonymous said...

doesn't being a councillor involve a bit of "cooking the books"?

Jim said...

you might think that Anonymous, but I couldn't possibly comment!

Will said...

As someone who prefers eating to cooking generally, can I suggest you go down the stir-fry route?

Patience is not one of my virtues, and it's rather quick (10 minutes-ish) and easy (lob the ingredients in and stir). It also has the advantage of being hard to do badly: I can produce generally good stir-fried meals despite once having burned pasta!

Trust me, invest in a wok.

I'd say more on the matter, but I now have to go and lie down, and consider when it was that I turned into Martha Stewart. :D