Wednesday, 8 August 2007


The past week has once again been phenomenally busy. I'm in Arbroath just now, but heading off to Edinburgh to see new girlfriend. We are going to Ikea tonight, where I will no doubt spend a fortune on stuff that I don't need and am too stupid to build. But there you go.

I have to do a licensing course later on too which I'm looking forward to. It will be good to get a better understanding of licensing laws. Another course I have been invited to do is the new Security Industry Authority (SIA) Door Steward's (bouncer to you and me) course.

The SIA was recently introduced into Scotland and new laws demand that all door supervisors and other people in the security industry are suitably checked, trained and licensed. Its a big step forward as a good steward can keep order in a venue without stopping people enjoying themselves.

When the SIA first came to Scotland, I applied for a post with them and was offered a job but decided to decline as there was too much travelling involved (oh the irony given subsequent events), but I'm glad I did decline it with hindsight.

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