Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Well the course was really interesting (not rocket science, but really interesting). I was working 9-5 on my day job, then driving to the course which ran from 6pm till midnight. After four days it was a bit tiring. I'm impressed at how comprehensive the course is though, and I really did learn a lot. It included licensing law, health and safety, drug awareness and conflict management among other things.

Its a pity that we hadn't done the conflict management first as when one of the bouncers started to give me a hard time for being a cooncillor, I gave him the finger and told him to f**k off. I'll be a bit more diplomatic in future now though.

I'm going to do a couple of nights on the doors, just for the experience, to see how it works from the sharp end. I'm sure that will be fun (not).

I spent the weekend in Edinburgh and took it easy. I have council meetings every night this week except Friday, when I may go to the pub and be diplomatic..............

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