Sunday, 15 July 2007

Tory Stereotypes!

Sometimes I have to laugh at the way tories are either perceived by others or perceive themselves.

One classic yesterday:

Tory fellow: "So Jim, you served in a cavalry regiment I understand"

Me: "Yes that's right, I left in 88'"

Tory fellow: "So as an officer, was it a short or long term commission you held?"

Me: "Officer? I was a trooper mate, I drove a tank"

Tory fellow: "Oh"

Another (very non-tory) friend thought my family were typical tory stereotypes when she discovered my parents had a cleaner. I can see her point until you take into account that my Mum is pushing 70 and has terrible arthritis in her hands and simply can't clean the house (and my Dad at the same age still works full time). Not so cut and dried now eh?

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