Thursday, 12 July 2007


Licensing went ok last night, though there were hardly any of us there. One truly frightening case that I won't go into.

Still in Arbroath and no idea when I'll be back in Edinburgh again. I have been chatting quite a lot to a female friend of mine in Edinburgh( the one mentioned earlier who likes the blog colour scheme). she made a rather salient point (also touched on by new girlfriend) that with everything that has happened work wise, I may not really have confronted the fact that I'm not getting married in October any more.

I suppose that's true in a way. We split up just before the election campaign started so it was turmoil anyway, now I spend my time rushing between Edinburgh, Arbroath and Forfar and I'm so busy I can barely keep up with myself, but tellingly, I have thought about it a bit more recently.

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