Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Hungover/Cook Book

God I feel awful. I went for 'a pint' with a fellow cooncillor after being in meetings all day. I'd eaten nothing since breakfast and I'm now paying the price for it.

'New Girlfriend' bought me the 'Delia Smith Complete Cookery Course' book. Obviously, I exhausted my extremely limited culinary repertoire some time ago. Having skimmed through the book, I found most of it was frankly beyond me and I have now bought a simpler one with more pictures. In time I hope to be able to work my way up to some of Delia's creations.

I spoke to 'Ex girlfriend' the other day (not to be mistaken with Former Fiance). Helpfully, and for reasons I'm not sure about, she decided to tell me the best way to make pasta. I'll give this a shot at some point too. But not invite her round to try it. Or her husband.


Surreptitious Evil said...

Buy fresh pasta from your choice of huge multi-national or superb local deli (but we both live in Scotland, so the chances of the latter are fairly slim). Boiling water, salt to taste and a reasonable drop of olive oil (to stop it boiling over).

Scald the pasta and then into the boiling water. Unless you are doing something complex like filled tortellini, this is only going to take a couple to three minutes (even spinach tagliatelli only takes 4 or 5 mins).

Drain & rinse (with more boiling water.) If you are not on a diet, then toss in a little butter and serve.

Now go and plant several trees to make up for such wanton use of energy, because you know that you can just make Ramen in the microwave.

If you cannot get fresh pasta (or at least, the sort you wanted) good dried pasta will take 10 minutes or so.


Jim said...

Thanks for that S-E, I'll give it a try.

Super Sec' said...

You should defo' have sound on this - then everyone can enjoy your wonderful singing.
Remember to go for your X Factor audition - just for a laugh !!!!

Jim said...

Thanks Supersec' I may try that. I think you'll quite a few messages from elderly type fellows on the office answerphone when you get back............

(something about badges maybe??)


Supersec' said...

You can Fooooook reight off !