Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Good Weekend

I enjoyed the weekend. I went round the first Arbroath fish and farmers' market in Arbroath with my boss and his wife. I bought the most expensive piece of steak ever at it and I'll have to consult on the best way to cook fillet steak. I'm guessing I won't taste the difference between ordinary steak and 'organic' steak.

I'm not really convinced about the arguments for organic, but still, it gives people choice. I also bought a punnet of strawbs and didn't even get to try one before various people scoffed the lot. Thanks guys.

Back in Edinburgh now and I'm going to new girlfriends house for dinner tonight. Apparently it will be something 'healthy'. Best have something to eat before I go then :-)

Although Parliament is very quiet, I'm still extremely busy with council work. Most of which surrounds housing and anti-social behaviour (which I have touched on before)

The campaign to secure World Heritage Site Status for Arbroath Abbey has been awared a lottery grant to allow us to push forward. This is a long term campaign that ran into political difficulties as soon as it was launched when the SNP MSP had a hissy fit when Alex Johnstone kicked it off. It was hilarious.

That aside our first meeting after the award will be next week and it will be great to really getting it off the ground.


Lady Moans of Monifieth said...

Never buy fillet steak, it is vastly over-rated. There is no fat within the meat to infiltrate it with flavour when it is cooking.
I suggest sirloin or rib-eye the later has the afore mentioned marbeling. On the health front these two steak cuts do very well on the BBQ or on the Forman Grill(did you mention on earlier posts you had one of these?)

And make sure you cook it right. I hate to see bloody steak - the only place I like my meat that raw is in the bedroom!!

Lady Moans of Monifieth

SuperSec' said...

You can't beat a RABBIT in the bedroom !!

Jim said...

you two just have to take it too far!!! :-)

supersec' said...

You missed my Fish/Dancing demonstration !!
I was brilliant !!
Better still was the pole dancing in the pub later !
Boy - that blackberry wine is strong stuff !! :-S

Jim said...

I thought the poles just came over and picked berries for the summer? Didn't know they danced as well!