Friday, 6 July 2007


Well, as part of my (rather tame) chaotic lifestyle, I'm back in Edinburgh. The brakes on my wee Volvo have failed and will cost the princely sum of around 200 quid to sort. Ironically, I think thats more than the car is worth, but there you go.

Something that Edinburgh has a profussion of and Arbroath lacks completely is a cinema. Its where I'm taking 'new girlfriend' tonight (i'm a tad uncomfortable with the word girlfriend given I'm 40 and she's 39 but there you go).

For a while there was a big local demand to bring a cinema back to the town (it had three at one time), but the campaign seems to have died off. I guess with a new dual carriageway between Arbroath and Dundee, a distance of some 17 miles, it is easier to get to a good one. for a while the council had a portable one which would go round the theatres etc and show films, but enthusiasm for it was a bit lukewarm I think. The concept always struck me as a bit 1940's anyway.

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