Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Chaotic Lifestyle

Since I got elected and took over as Convener of the Neighbourhood Services Committee, which includes Housing, I have encountered a phrase so inept that it is truly offensive. It is "Chaotic Lifestyle".

So what's so offensive about this? Well, the kind of behaviour that merits the term can be so outrageous that it beggars belief. Lets look at one or two examples that I have come accross so far:

An 84 year old woman forced to flee in fear from her home of many years because the council put a young woman next door to her who has drug issues and hosts loud, all night parties all the time. The young woman's house has been raided by the police and also by some drug using associates.

An older man who allows his council house to be used by young people for loud, all night parties (see a theme developing here?) as often as 3-4 times per week. The parties get out of control and spills onto the street where they challenge passers by to fight etc. A neighbouring family with a new baby are at their wits end about it.

Now I thought that I had a chaotic lifestyle. After all, I have two jobs that are a fair distance apart and both are fairly demanding. I travel between the two a lot and need to find time to be with my girlfriend too. I'm also helping to organise a big community event for next year. To me, my lifestyle is chaotic. It may be described as "organised chaos", but chaos nonetheless.

What the clowns above get up to should not be called a chaotic lifestyle. I'm not sure what it should be called, but the current term certainly doesn't cut it. It wouldn't be so bad, but these so called Chaotic Lifestyles are invariably funded by the taxpayer and not through doing a decent days' work. When I investigated into why these characters were placed into nice areas where they invariably wreaked havoc, it turns out that the council have no choice but to place them in the next available house, wherever that might be.

I believe that local authorities should have their hands untied and allowed an element of discretion so that we can stop these problems before they start.

Everyone thinks an ASBO will sort it out. Believe it or not, it costs on average 8K to get an ASBO and it takes months. Apart from that there is no guarantee that some bleeding hearted liberal sherriff will grant one either (and I'm guessing he or she has never had anti social neighbours!).

I feel sorry for good, harding working people when these Chaotic types are placed in amongst them and I want to do more to highlight the iniquity of the situation.

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