Thursday, 21 June 2007


With moving into the new flat, I thought I'd invite a friend round for dinner. No big deal there you might think, but to be honest I am a truly dreadful cook on the basis that I have never really tried.

Fortunately I'm near Sainsburys and off i went to procure some decent food that can be cooked easily. Hence I returned triumphantly with sirloin steak to be cooked on my new George Foreman grill, and some veg. With the clock ticking, I returned home only to realise I had nothing for a sweet and not enough pots to do the veg.

Off I went again and bought more pots, a collander, more veg, some nice wine, mixed olives with feta cheese and a Belgian Chocolate Truffle.

When I got back to the flat I opened a large drawer only to discover more pots and a bloody collander. I could have taken her to the Ritz for the amount of money I'd spent on the meal!

It was worth the effort though and even though I say so myself it was quite tasty and she realised the effort that I had gone to (apart from the several trips to the supermarket).

I'm going to buy a cookery book now.

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Thingrizzly said...

Dinner sounds lovely, she is obvioulsy someone worth impressing.