Thursday, 28 June 2007

Community Cooncil

I attended a meeting of the Arbroath Community Council last night. Its the first time in years that I have been. Although it was a shame that there were not more members of the public there, I was impressed by the contributions made.

Its clearly a good way of keeping up to date with the things that are giving them cause for concern.

It meets once a month and whilst I know that there are some councillors (not necessarily in Angus) who wouldn't go near a Community Council meeting for love nor money, it's something I'll make the effort to attend as often as possible.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Cooncil Work

Since getting elected I have had some weird and wonderful requests for assistance, though none of them can compete with a colleague who was asked if he could help get a refund of NI contributions because the chap had hurt his leg and wasn't happy with the NHS!

I appparently now have an office in Forfar, though I haven't found it yet. I'm not going looking for it either on the basis that no-one has put any furniture in it. Anyone who thinks that Cooncillors get palatial office suites and are served canapes by nubile handmaidens (yes there are people who think along these lines) would get a shock if they saw how shabby council offices can be.

I'm being taken for dinner by my boss and his wife on Friday. I'm looking forward to it. He has been extremely understanding about the amount of time I have had to devote to council work and I'm very grateful to him. Despite the fact that I'm totally knackered tearing round the country attending meetings and being asked to intervene in any number of issues.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007


The coalition between the Lib Dems, Tories, Labour and Independents is holding together very well. Together we ended 23 years of SNP administration in Angus and I'm quite proud to be part of that.

Locally, the electorate were calling for an end to party politics at council level and in an obscure way that is exactly what they have got. There is no mention of party politics in group meetings and we therefore simply pursue an agenda that is best for Angus.

The SNP are sniping from the sidelines and crying 'foul' but it seems to me that what is happening in Angus is happening up and down the country and I believe (no doubt because of the high proportion of independents) that this will work. It's the new style of politics really and this may well be reflected by events in Westminster with Gordon Brown putting together a cabinet of the talents.

Council meetings and other related meetings every night this week........................

Monday, 25 June 2007


I'm back in Arbroath after a fun week in Edinburgh. The driving to and fro is a bit wearing and my wee volvo is not much longer for this world I'm afraid.

I'm here for a week before heading back to Edinburgh again (with my tv and stereo this time). Holding down two jobs is frankly quite hard work and I haven't had a decent night out for ages.

Thursday, 21 June 2007


With moving into the new flat, I thought I'd invite a friend round for dinner. No big deal there you might think, but to be honest I am a truly dreadful cook on the basis that I have never really tried.

Fortunately I'm near Sainsburys and off i went to procure some decent food that can be cooked easily. Hence I returned triumphantly with sirloin steak to be cooked on my new George Foreman grill, and some veg. With the clock ticking, I returned home only to realise I had nothing for a sweet and not enough pots to do the veg.

Off I went again and bought more pots, a collander, more veg, some nice wine, mixed olives with feta cheese and a Belgian Chocolate Truffle.

When I got back to the flat I opened a large drawer only to discover more pots and a bloody collander. I could have taken her to the Ritz for the amount of money I'd spent on the meal!

It was worth the effort though and even though I say so myself it was quite tasty and she realised the effort that I had gone to (apart from the several trips to the supermarket).

I'm going to buy a cookery book now.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007


Like the total clown that I am, I had driven to the new flat with most of my stuff, but forgot to take my TV and stereo. Ironically, I DID remember to take the remote controls for the bloody things.

Needless to say, it was a very quiet night at Chez Millar, but it was nice to enjoy my own space, although I couldn't get a coffee despite having gone to Sainsbury's and bought milk, I forgot to buy tea, coffee and sugar. Although I did manage to buy wine, bread and stuffed olives, so that's ok.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


After a painfully long council meeting last night, I'm off to spend my first night in my Edinburgh flat. Its already furnished, but I needed new bedding and a George Forman Grill (I'm a shocking cook but will have to learn now that I'm single again).

I'm looking forward to spending most of the summer in Edinburgh as it's a fabulous city full of great places to visit. My social life has been almost non existent since the election campaign started and I'm keen to get out and enjoy myself again.

Monday, 18 June 2007


Monday so soon, I can't believe it. I'll be spending my first night in my newly rented flat this week, and I'll have to go out and get a duvet and other bedding too. Some of the pictures on the walls are a bit dire, so I'll replace them with some of my own.

It will be a bit strange really, but I'm actually looking forward to having my own space and it will be great to have a base in Edinburgh too, especially over the summer. I have rented the flat for a year so may give it a lick of paint to smarten the place up and as my former fiance banned me from getting an x-box 360, that is going to be top of my shopping list too!

Sunday, 17 June 2007


God I'm hungover. I went out last night in Arbroath and did something of a pub crawl with a fellow "Cooncillor", purely for research purposes you understand. This morning I was meant be helping at the "One Step Beyond" campaign event which has been collecting shoes to send abroad. I made it but only just. Good effort by the campaign organisers, who laid each pair of shoes in a line and broke a world record.

Four charities are set to benefit from the money raised and of course the shoes will be put to good use abroad. That said, I'm not sure how some of the recipients will react when they get a pair of posh high heels to wander about in...................

Saturday, 16 June 2007


I have been asked to take part in Aberdeen City's Tartan Day again this year. I enjoyed it last year despite having a fear of horses........... I went to uni at Aberdeen and always like taking a trip up there. My karate instructor lives there too so I'm often in the toon.

Later on in the year I'm taking part in the Aberdeen Wallace Commemoration. Odd for a Tory that I spend so much time taking part in things that are often heaving with nationalists, but celebrating our Scottish history is for everyone and shouldn't be the sole preserve of one group of people.
Picture shows me and my boss (who is not the horse)


Well, I'm still in limbo. I was engaged and living in Edinburgh with my fiance until just before the election campaign. Sadly, though, she decided it was best that we didnt marry (the date was set for October this year) and I moved out and back to Arbroath where I'm from originally.

This wasn't so bad as my boss was standing for the Scottish Parliament seat there and had also got me to stand for the council on the basis that a campaign would be good experience for me.

A month of delivering leaflets and knocking on doors later and I'm elected onto Angus Council and my boss is re-elected to The Scottish Parliament. Although I have rented a fully furnished flat in Edinburgh, I haven't spent a single night there as so far, due to the constant rounds of Council meetings.